Success Transformer Corporation Berhad ("STC") was listed on Bursa Malaysia’s Second Board in January 2005 and subsequently transferred into Main Board in March 2007.

STC is principally an investment holding company whilst the principal activities of its subsidiary companies are that of manufacturing and trading of electrical apparatus and industrial lighting and fittings, metal stamping parts, metal castings as well as property holdings.

It has diversified into process equipment manufacturing via acquisition of Seremban Engineering Sdn. Bhd. ("SESB") in March 2007 which is involved in the manufacturing and fabrication of process equipments such as unfired pressure vessels, storage tanks, silos, and heat exchangers.

In September 2008, STC was honoured with the distinction of being one of the thirteen Malaysian companies awarded "Best Under a Billion" list by Forbes Asia magazines, the US-based publisher of the leading Asian business magazine.
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