Our Group focuses on Transformer and Lighting segment.

Transformer & Lighting Segment

Manufacturing (major subsidiaries)

  • SETM - 100% > Manufacturing of electrical apparatus and industrial lighting
  • NSZ - 60% > Design, manufacturing and trading of industrial light fittings and fixtures

Trading and Distribution

  • STPL - 100% > Investment holding and to carry on business of electricians, mechanical engineers of any other of alike nature
  • NLE - 75% > Marketing and distribution of electrical appliances and industrial lighting
  • NLPL - 100% > Marketing and distribution of electrical apparatus and industrial lighting
  • BNJ - 96% > Wholesale for lighting, mechanical and electrical products, metal enclosure and accessories
  • NSK - 91% > Marketing and distribution of electrical apparatus and industrial lighting
  • NLT - 49% > Distribution of lighting and electrical products

Our Brands

, our house brand and flagship lighting division will always be our pride. In our constant search of excellence as well as our designing, integrating, manufacturing and supplying expertise have made us one of the top exporters of lighting range. Our products which include custom-made energy efficient lighting designs are currently being supplied to more than 40 countries.

, is responsible in providing lighting solutions to improve people’s lives and proactively address environmental issues in pursuit of a sustainable future.

 Intelligent Light Control System introduces a modular approach with the energy saving generated by remote controls for street lightings. This creates a new neural infrastructure network ready to obtain and collect the data necessary to activate intelligent solutions. Each LCU (Light Control Unit) installed onto the luminaires are able to operate individually or as part of a whole networking solution.

The LCU comes embedded with an astronomical clock, GPS, metering and antenna which allows for enhanced functionality depending on the requirements of the unit. It is built to withstand different outdoor weather conditions with low voltage consumption.

 is a trusted brand in transformers and is currently providing the most comprehensive range of low voltage transformers in Malaysia. We also manufacture other industrial power products such as automatic voltage stabilizers, harmonic filter reactors and line reactors.

It is with the on-going consolidation of each business unit’s strengths and effort; the Group will continue to invest in the establishment and promotion of in-house brands which are already on par with global players. The Group’s Own Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Own Brand Model (OBM) include established brands such as , , ,  and . These brands’ have established clients in the local and export markets.

As the demand for quality eco-friendly LED lighting products and transformers grow worldwide, this has given a positive outlook to the Group’s sales. Our existing range of environmentally-friendly products are well-received by both local and overseas clients. Our dedicated sales and marketing team are well-versed with products knowledge and the market. They are able to provide the best solution to cater for various customers’ needs and applications.

As the Group grows, we are grateful for the long- term relationships we have established with our loyal business partners. We will continue to strive to grow and keep these valuable relationships with our cherished partners, as well as growing successful affiliations with our new partners.